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You are frightening on where to buy Modafinil online.

Modafinil is a prescription-only medication and it is necessary to buy the medicine with a prescription. It is very easy to buy the medicine from online portal but you will skeptic to buy the prescription pill from the internet pharmacy.

Don’t be doubtful about buying the prescription drug from online. An easy way is available to procure the medicine from the internet drugstore.

But you have to check few things before making the decision to purchase Modafinil online. For your convenience, we have written this article where everything has been discussed.

I will tell you the step by step procedure on how to buy the medicine from online pharmacy legally without any issues. Before going to start, we would like to inform the background or history about these medicines where it has come from.

Who trades Modafinil medication?


In India, there are two medical companies trade Modafinil medication across the globe.

HAP pharma and Sun pharma are the companies manufacture the Modafinil medicines. Are you thinking of its difference? Following is the solution for your query.

Sun Pharma is one of the famous manufacturing companies with over than 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry. Till now, none of the companies have been overcome Sun pharma.

Food and Drugs Administration department has given approval only to the Sun pharma to trade their medicines to the US country. Due to the demand for these company medicines, the cost of their pills is quite expensive when compared to HAB.

HAB pharma is recently started in the town. And it is a small level drug manufacturing company. They sell the medicines only in India. Health board does not give approval to them to trade their medications in the market of US.

Modafinil properties and their brand versions

You can see that the medication comes in two forms when you visit any of the website or vendor.

First one is Modafinil and another form is Armodafinil. The effect of both these medications is same and works in a similar way in the brain. The ingredients which are present in Modafinil are 100% pure form but in Armodafinilis in the mixture of 50/50.

Modafinil is the best medication for the patient who has tried it for the first time. Hence the effectiveness of this medicine enables the patient to quickly recover from an anti-anxiety hyperactive disorder.

Modafinil is trade under the name of Modalert and brands their Armodafinil as Waklert by Sun Pharma Company. HAB Pharmadrug Manufacturer Company brand their Armodafinil as Artivigil and their Modafinil as Modvigil.

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Drug sellers that trade Modafinil online

Are you looking to buy nootropics? There are certain factors to be check when you buy the medicine from an online portal. This is because numerous counterfeit drugstores available over the internet and provide the fake medication. Hence it is quite difficult to purchase Modafinil online.

You have perceived horror stories hence I will not tell you anymore like that. I will provide you the checklist which will help you to evaluate the legitimacy of the drug seller before choosing the pharmacy.

Strict federal policies have been followed in the countries like Canada, Europe, and German. Some of the countries do not permit the drug sellers to ship their medications. In case if you are chosen vendor does not provide shipment to your country, then you have to try some other vendors which provide shipping to your location.

To avoid this kind of vendors, I will give you 7 specifications that enable you to purchase the medicine from the legitimate vendors. It does not imply that other drug sellers are not certified.

Here is the list of specification what I will look in the website in order to vet these drug sellers.

  • Medicine price
  • Exceptional customer service
  • FDA–approved pills
  • Easy site access
  • Mode of Payment
  • Return or reshipment policy
  • License number of pharmacy


Buymodafinilshop is one of the legitimate online pharmacies with more than 5 years of experience in the medical industry. It provides fast delivery to the customers worldwide since they have a tie-up with top shipping service providers.

Like Affinil Express, this pharmacy also provides 2 payment methods. You can choose either card payment or cash on delivery.

An excellent customer support has provided by Buymodafinilshop. They offer this service on 24/7 basis. This pharmacy provides the better discount on bulk purchase. If you are buying Modafinil in bulk quantity from this online place, you can able to save a lot of money on your medical budgets.

In fact, this is the only vendor that trades the ADHD medication at the lowest price. You can get 70% discount on your pill purchase. You can get the most of 40% discount when you order the medication in bulk quantity and 25% discount when you pay through the card.

Suppose if you are returning customer, then you will get 18% discount on frequent purchases.

Delivery location and time frame of Buymodafinilshop:

  • China (5-12 Days)
  • France (2-5 Days)
  • Korea (5-11Days)
  • UK(United Kingdom) ( 4- 12Days)
  • Russia(8-15Days)
  • US(United States) ( 2-6 Days)
  • Spain (15-26 Days)
  • Australia (4-11 Days)
  • Singapore (1-3 Days)
  • Hong kong (3-5Days)
  • Vietnam (3-7 Days)
  • Remaing other countries of the world (20-30 Days)

They deliver the discreet package all over the world on mentioned time without any delay.


It comes after the It was started in the month of September at 2016 after the ModafinilCat closure.

It is very easy to navigate the website and provide great service to customers. They have licensed pharmacist to assist the customers. Hence you can ask the questions related to the medicine with them as they are always being in online and provide answers to your queries.

They provide the Sun pharma and HAB pharma medications in all two version form.They function on 24*7 and provide an immediate response. That implies that you need not wait for days to get the answer to your query from them.

You can use either card payment or cash on delivery option for your order placement. The advantage of using this online pharmacy is that you can receive your package overnight when you request for fast shipping from them. This fast delivery service enables the AfiniliExpress to be stand out among other online pharmacies. Maximum they take 10 days to ship the products to the customers worldwide. In addition, you are endorsed by their friendly return policy.

AfiniliExpress provides more discounts to their loyal customers such as 25% discount. When you buy the medication through card payment, you will get 20% discount. If you are a returning customer, then you will get 10% off on your pills. If you are new to this place, there is a chance to get discounts.


It can be your another choice to buy smart medications online and they are in the medical field for more than 2 years. The maximum number of payment options have provided by this drugstore which you could not able to see in other online pharmacies:

  • 25% discount will be provide to the customers who used Bitcoin.
  • 5-10% discount will be offer while utilizing E-check. It is better for US customers and instantly you can pay it.
  • Altcoins(25% rebate and extras)
  • Master cards
  • Gift cards(VISA buyers can use gift card and it takes only a few minutes to complete the order process)

Presently, they offer Modafinil at just 0.70 USD, which is the starting price of them.

For coming back customers, they offer 10% discount.

Amazing customer support service with the fast response has been provided by them. In their shipping policy, they have mentioned about the refunds and reshipment for some other countries. Such places are US, AUS, Morocco, UK, and France.

Even you can see other smart medications on their site as well.

Their shipping time frames:

  • US shipment(6-12 Days)
  • UK shipment(2-8 Days)
  • AUS(5-13 Days)


Want to buy Modalert? Modapharma would be the right choice. Following are the reasons why they are best in the medical industry.

It is licensed by health board department. They have an easy navigational panel which enables the customers to place an order easily without any difficulties. It guaranteed on safe delivery and pills quality. Sure, that you will receive the discreet package when you purchase the medication from them.

Before the medication putting up for sale, it was tested in several clinical trials. So you will get the real medication which is safe to use. By taking the real pill, it won’t affect the brain and may not cause any side effects. It is added advantage for you to buy the medication from Modapharma.

They have an excellent customer support team and are operating around the clock. They provide fast response to your question or complaint. The team members of this place are well trained and provide right answers to the customers. Even they would assist throughout the order process when you are not know how to order the medication.

Three versions of Modafinilis available on their websites such as Modalert, Modvigil, and Artrigil. Hence you have the options to choose any one of the medication for the anti-anxiety hyperactive disorder.

They enlighten you on the drug effectiveness without promotions. When you look at the price, their medication is too costly compared to other drug sellers. They will provide you 10% discount when you purchase the medicine with bitcoin.

Suppose if you are not satisfied with the medication, you can easily return the product since they have the cordial return policy.


Even you can approach this website to order the medicine.TwoModafinil versions do not provided by ModUp. Hence you have to check some other drug sellers when you are searching for Armodafinil.

Recently they have not updated any information on their website. It offers three payment choices to customers. You can prefer to pay with credit card or bitcoin or PayPal. They have a nice privacy policy and return policy. They hold the certification of National Association Boards of Pharmacy.


Now you can get the idea of buying Modafinil online. Hence you need not get into the fear of purchasing the medication from the internet. Choose any of the mentioned online pharmacies which suitable for you.

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